The Mastermind Show with Curtis The Mentalist

So Who Is Curtis The Mentalist?

February 28, 2021



Curtis is just "an ordinary guy, who has a helluva lot-of fun doing some EXTRAORDINARY things!"

When he struts out onto the stage, sharply-dressed and wearing Ray-Bans to some ZZ Top music, audiences know right away that they are in for a crazy good time, and that this guy is not your typical dark, mysterious, strange, or overly-cerebral mentalist.

He doesn't take himself too seriously, and neither should you.  He's not psychic, and he doesn't talk to dead people, and can't predict your future.  He just loves to blow people's minds and laugh a lot in the process.

Curtis' sharp-dressed nature, Midwestern American charm, razor-sharp wit, and rock-star energy combined with mind-blowing demonstrations have made him a favorite choice for entertainment for corporate events, private parties, and more since the late 1980s.

Over the last 30 years, in addition to being an entertainer, he's worn many hats as a businessman and employer (a construction contractor), public speaker, musician, a professional actor (in TV commercials as well as feature and industrial films), print work model, and also builds websites and is an admitted audio and video tech nerd.  However, most importantly, he says he's a "grandpa, cool dad and above-average husband."   

Whether it's a virtual show broadcast into the homes of people around the globe, or hundreds of guests in banquet halls, casinos, showrooms, comedy clubs, theatres and convention centers, Curtis provides fun, amazing & unique entertainment that even the most cynical of spectators can enjoy.

Where Else Is He on the Web?  Well, Here's Some Links Ri-Cheer...

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Virtual Shows for Corporate & Private Events

Touring Comedy Club and Theater Shows

Curtis' YouTube Channel



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